#KCBC: ‘if you accept temporary flats, you’re off rehoming list’ #Grenfell

Council Leaders hiding behind officialdom
Stand up you Bastards


kcbcIt would be an understatement to say that Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council is not covering itself in glory in the opinion of its residents. Anger among local people is running high after the terrible fire and what they say is a lack of useful intervention by the council and its staff, fuelled still further by insensitive letters hand-delivered to neighbours of Grenfell Tower about matters as trivial as ‘antisocial behaviour’ letters about ball games.

But things are getting worse. Residents have told the SKWAWKBOX of a local builder who recently completed twenty new apartments in the area and who has taken them off the market for three months to make them available – for free – to families made homeless by the blaze.

It’s a generous act of kindness typical of the way in which the community has pulled together in the days after the tragedy – but the…

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Charlie Dickinson of Liverpool wrote this. This whole country needs to read it #Grenfell


grenfell isolationThe text below was sent to the SKWAWKBOX by a Twitter follower. The people of Liverpool have a particular affinity with the victims of the Grenfell fire, because they know what happened at Hillsborough, how the Establishment tried to blame the victims – which they see happening already over Grenfell Tower – and because they know how hard it is to get justice when the rich and powerful close ranks.

One Liverpool man wrote his thoughts on Grenfell Tower, on how it fits in the overall pattern of what’s happened to this country over the last three decades or so. It’s powerful. It’s damning.

And its final lines need to be a wake-up call for a country that has tolerated the Establishment narrative for far too long.

Read. Share:

then they came.pngThe SKWAWKBOX is provided free of charge but depends on the generosity of its readers. If you found this information helpful…

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#Grenfell survivor ‘only passed 8 people on stairs all the way from upper floor’

An avoidable disaster
Caused by our Nation’s moral compass being switched off by Thatcherism, where greed and gluttony were legitimised, where humans were treated as a commodity,Mito be priced by their “value” (sic)


The SKWAWKBOX had a long and traumatic conversation this evening with a businesswoman based near Grenfell Tower who has friends and employees affected by the terrible fire and has been working to provide support and shelter to them and others.

The woman, who wanted her information to be told but asked not to be identified, told this blog about families who survived and those that didn’t, about the contribution of police and council staff or the lack of it – and about fears that the real death toll could be even higher than the 150-200 that music stars Lily Allen and Saskilla told reporters about.

Her own words, unadorned apart from the removal of names and floor numbers, follow:

There are two children that we know really well who were in the block. One family got out, the father was able to shield their little girl and thank God…

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‘What is the wet on its face,’ Theresa May asks on meeting crying Grenfell survivor


‘Why is it leaking from its eyes,’ Theresa May asked today on finally meeting a Grenfell Tower survivor.

JS122810146 “What is that thing? Why is it burnt?”

Addressing a hospital patient directly, but in the third person, the Prime Minister said: “It will keep its distance and it will stop leaking.

“I said it will stop leaking.

“Stop leaking.

“It will know that if there are any lessons to be learned from whatever has happened, they will be.

“But it will also receive and accept the obvious implication that there may not be, and that it may just have to suck it up.

“It will nod now in acknowledgement.”

Raising a hand as the man began to reply, Mrs May said: “It is not required to speak.”

Ending the 30-second interaction, she added: “It will accept with gratitude that I must leave, via an emergency exit, due to the very real…

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#Grenfell Tale of 2 visits – and a video (explicit lyrics) you won’t want to miss

Chalk and cheese


Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May visited Grenfell Towers today. Well, to be more precise, May visited the site and Corbyn visited the people – and in so doing encapsulated the difference between them, the leadership qualities of the one and their complete absence in the other.

Theresa May’s visit was so cloistered from the human reality of the tragic events that she did not meet a single resident, even though BBC News at first claimed that she did. This inspired outrage among residents, with one lady telling the SKWAWKBOX from the Maxilla social club where residents were being fed and sheltered,

Everybody here is absolutely disgusted. She hasn’t met a single person – what’s the point of viewing the building?! As for that Boris Johnson, I used to quite like him but now I think he’s a dangerous b**tard – it takes a clever man to play the fool.


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Told you #May can’t negotiate – #DUP deal falling thru, Tories preparing for new GE

HMSS SHIP Theresa May is holed, under the water line


As the SKWAWKBOX showed yesterday, Theresa May unforgivably used the Grenfell Tower tragedy as cover for her inability to reach an agreement with the DUP’s Arlene Foster, by claiming the further delay in the announcement of a deal was because of the terrible fire.

Foster flew home to Northern Ireland and the Tories claimed juniors were hashing out the final details.

But this morning, the Conservatives are spreading word to their activists to prepare for a new General Election – which can only mean there is no deal, or at best a slim and receding prospect of one.

Arch-Tory site Guido Fawkes gave the game away:

wickham.pngOf course, the article does not admit it’s because May is useless and the DUP negotiations are failing, but he does make the astonishing claim that CCHQ (Tory headquarters) were ‘caught unprepared’ by May’s announcement of the last election:

on the hopThe carefully-crafted and completely false…

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