Corbyn revives attack on “dementia tax” as he targets iconic Tory seat | LabourList — Britain Isn’t Eating

via Corbyn revives attack on “dementia tax” as he targets iconic Tory seat | LabourList — Britain Isn’t Eating


How Theresa May is being ‘shepherded’ to a hard Brexit by a multibillionaire Dubai-based New Zealand fund manager

Pride's Purge

Chances are you’ve never heard of multi-billionaire New Zealander Christopher Chandler.

Chandler heads a private, multi-billion-dollar investment fund based in Dubai, called Legatum CapitalLegatum invests in companies in developing countries such as India, Russia, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

For some time now, Legatum has been forging close links to many leading Brexiters in the UK and the company has now emerged as the main adviser to Theresa May and David Davis on its Brexit negotiations with the EU. 

Here’s a familiar face speaking at a Legatum event:

In recent months, Legatum has created something it calls the Special Trade Commission, which has produced a lot of papers advising the May government to take a hard line with the EU and arguing for the hardest of hard Brexits, including insisting that Britain leaves both the customs union and the single market (from its web page):

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Do NOT click this ‘Labour’ volunteer request email


Labour Future, in spite of its name, has no formal standing with the Labour Party – it is a limited company found by millionaire John Mills, which has links to right-wing groups Business for Britain and The Taxpayers’ Alliance.

Last month, the SKWAWKBOX revealed a fundraising email sent out by the company that many Labour members and supporters had believed was from the Labour Party – leading them to donate to it.

Now another email has been sent – and has fooled some Labour members into disclosing sensitive information.

The email – again using the Labour Future logo that is similar to the Labour Party’s and using language about the party rather than about the company, even to the extent of claiming we will deliver a Labour government‘ – asks its recipients to register to volunteer with the organisation:

lf volunteer.pngNote that the last line states that the email…

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It’s popcorn time as the Tory implosion intensifies

I’ve never agreed with the old adage, “Childten should be seen, and not heard” until now!!!!


The self-cannibalisation of the Tory party has been gathering pace since Theresa May’s disastrous conference speech.

Former party chair Grant Shapps claimed to have the names of ‘up to 30’ Tory MPs prepared to ask the ‘1922 committee’ to remove Mrs May. Boris Johnson – with a shameful, casual disregard for those with mental health challenges – in turn attacked ‘nutters’ who wanted to remove May as leader.

Then, on Thursday, former Tory chancellor Nigel Lawson savaged current chancellor Philip Hammond on for coming ‘very close to sabotage’ by refusing to budget huge sums of money to cover the ‘no-deal Brexit’ that will take place when the Tories fail to reach a deal with the EU:

Now Conservative back-bencher…

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