Britain should leave the EU on WTO terms


Britain should leave the EU on March 29, liberating a future Labour government from EU Single Market rules and trading with EU and other countries on WTO terms if necessary, Britain’s Communists declared at the weekend.
  At the first meeting of its new Executive Committee elected at the 55th Congress, the Communist Party said that the ‘pro-EU Tory minority regime’ and the EU Commission could not be trusted to reach any withdrawal agreement that did not serve the interests of big business and the capitalist class.
  ‘Britain’s political crisis is deepening by the day and it reflects a more profound crisis for the ruling class and state-monopoly capitalism’, the party’s general secretary Robert Griffiths reported.
  ‘Their efforts to derail Brexit have not been successful so far, despite having a majority in the House of Commons and the House of Lords’, he added, ‘EU supporters have been divided…

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Zoltan Zigedy on US politics


Tilting at Windmills?

Two months have passed since the 2018 midterm elections, yet Democrats are already jumping into the 2020 Presidential race with many more candidates on the way. Typically, candidates are reluctant to go against an incumbent, but the Democrats smell blood in the water with the Trump Presidency.
This is another “new face” moment when Party leaders sense that Democratic Party voters are angry at nearly all of the US institutions and disgusted with past choices.
Earlier moments of flagging voter confidence necessitated fresh faces to bolster class rule. For example, in the wake of the Nixon fiasco, the Democrats found a relatively unknown “aw shucks” peanut farmer/governor from the South. Jimmy Carter, a “Mr. Clean Jeans” with an unblemished record as an administrator, served in sharp contrast to the Nixon sleaze machine. By 1978, he had betrayed the last iteration of a progressive, New Deal-like Democratic platform…

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Where the left abandons workers, they are easy prey for the right


Interesting stuff from The Full Brexit

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by Steve Hall

How did immigration become such a flashpoint in British politics and the EU referendum? An anthropological study of the English Defence League finds that the abandonment of working-class communities by the Left allows right-wing scapegoating to flourish.

Social scientific research projects often give experienced researchers small surprises, but big surprises are rare. Whilst researching the English Defence League (EDL), a white nationalist protest group regarded by many as an Islamophobic hate-group, my colleagues and I got two rather big surprises as the minutiae of its general perspective and hierarchy of prejudices began to crystallise.[1] The EDL is not an organised political group with a history, a moral centre, a specific ideology or a policy programme but a street protest group. Like many of their antagonists on the liberal left – anti-fascist, anti-racist and so on – their politics are…

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As radical as our time requires: Labour, the Left and Brexit

21centurymanifesto useful piece by Paul O’Connell writing in New Socialist


Hat tip to Eugene for spotting this

What know they of Brexit, who only Brexit know? Very little, it turns out. The obsessive, insular and heavily emotive nature of the Brexit debate within the UK (before, during and after the referendum campaign of 2016) has produced a vast amount of heat, but very little light. And at every turn, the most vocal protagonists on the issue have revealed, time and again, how little they understand the conjuncture that produced both Brexit and the nascent Corbyn moment in British politics. But it is impossible to make sense of Brexit, and to think through what Labour, and the Left more broadly, should do in the current conjuncture without a broader historical and theoretical understanding of where we are today, and how we got here.

A Brief History of the Present

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The case for second chances – the only way out of the Brexit nightmare is to go back to the country

Pin Prick

The Greek historian Herodotus tells us that the ancient Persians made all decisions twice. In the first round they would get uproariously drunk, have a good old row and – while still heavily inebriated – vote. Then a few days later, having sobered up sufficiently, they would go through the whole process again – before acting on that final decision.

There’s something to be said for deliberating on important matters twice. Behavioural experts have long known that the frenzy of emotions aroused by heated debate can cause individuals to pursue choices that in more restrained circumstances they might not make. The concept of ‘sober reflection’ at the ballot box persists in the modern political age. In France and forty-one other countries Presidential elections are conducted on a two round system which is not so dissimilar to the Persian approach. In the first there is an almost intoxicated free for all…

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