Tory #DementiaTax explained – please read and share #GE17

O.A.P.s the Tories are coming for you!!!
Wake up! Siesta is over


The Tories are banking on the complexity of their plans to hammer elderly people to prevent pensioners from understanding and switching their support to the Labour party.

The Bow Group is a Conservative think-tank – but it has prepared a simple graphic that makes Theresa May’s planned assault on pensioners extremely clear:

bow group dementia tax.pngAt least 70% of us will be hit by this in our future – and not just hit, but hammered. Pensioners need to understand right now what is being done to them.

Take this image – show it to them and if they need help, help them understand it.

Then make sure they know to vote Labour.

The SKWAWKBOX is provided free of charge but depends on the generosity of its readers to be viable. If you found this information helpful and can afford to, please do click here to arrange a one-off or modest…

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43 marginals we know NEW voters can swing #GOTV #voteLabour #GE17

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An excellent new graphic shows 43 marginal seats where the margin of victory in 2015 was less than the number of new voters who have registered to vote since 2015. Many of those new voters will have registered to support Labour. Some will not.

Some of those seats were won by Labour in the last General Election. Those need every available effort to defend them. Some are held by Tories or LibDems – those need every effort to win them.

Elderly voters are starting to switch to Labour as they wake up to the abuse the Tories have planned for them after 8 June. Well over 1.5 million new voters have registered across the country – many of them young and inspired by the vision of Labour, under Jeremy Corbyn, for a better, fairer country and society.

This election can be won. But it needs your help to make it happen. Check…

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Emergency appeal: malicious attack on pro-JC campaigner

Her insightful comments and acerbic humour have been a constant delight to me!
We’ll support RACHEAL Swindon and her family


r_swindPro-Corbyn blogger @Rachael_Swindon is one of the most tireless campaigners for Labour, Corbyn and a fairer society that you’ll ever find.

As well as blogging and creating some of the strongest memes to support Labour’s message, she is a full-time mother of two kids who also cares full-time for her disabled husband, who recently took a turn for the worse. As a result, she and her family are in the support group of ESA and PIP, which allowed them – just about – to scrape by, except when the DWP screwed up.

Until now.

Because of her effectiveness, Rachael has angered right-wingers both inside and outside the Labour party. Because she has a ‘donate’ button on her blog, in case the occasional donation comes in to help eke out meagre benefits, someone made a malicious report to the DWP, triggering an investigation.

Let’s be clear, Rachael has done nothing wrong –…

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Let them eat toast. Academy primary’s text to parents shows future if Tories win #GE17

🔵Caring through cuts🔵
A definition of Conservatism

Simultaneously making millionaires richer


The Conservative party’s newly-announced General Election manifesto – alongside a multi-pronged attack on the nation’s elderly – states that free school meals for infant school children will be abolished should the Tories win the election.

toast.pngToday, parents in Rotherham received a foretaste of the future under a Tory government when their children’s primary school texted them about their children’s school meals.

Parents of children attending Greasborough Primary – part of the Willow Tree Academy chain – contacted the SKWAWKBOX to advise that the school has sent text messages to parents telling them that if they fall into arrears with payments for school meals the children will no longer be given a meal, just toast:

toast textWhen teachers are already buying food for children who arrive at school hungry and unable to concentrate, the importance of a school meal in the middle of the day to a child’s education is universally recognised.

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BBC confirms NUT #schoolcuts info correct. Exclusive NUT comment #GE17



The SKWAWKBOX has covered the huge damage to schools inflicted by Tory funding cuts that will affect every non-private school in the country – and the Tory voters switching to Labour as enormous numbers visited the National Union of Teachers (NUT)’s School Cutswebsite to see the impact on their local schools.

The scale of the cuts is so vast that some schools are even cuttingmaths and other core subjects by 20% or even more. The Tories have attempted to deny both the cuts and their impact.

Radio 4’s PM programme this afternoon carried analysis by More or Less‘ Tim Harford and the Institute for Fiscal Studies that confirmed that the NUT depiction of the cuts is correct, as this tweet by the NUT‘s General Secretary Kevin Courtney shows:

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Man on over £80,000 expects you to give a shit

16 Mn in Britain have less than £100 in savings

If the Richest were taxed more, guess what?

They’re still the Richest in Britain!!!


A man earning over £80,000 a year is not voting Labour simply because he doesn’t want to pay any more tax and expects you to sympathise with his bullshit, he has confirmed.


Ray Doyle thinks he pays “enough tax already” even though it is patently clear from the state of public services that he does not.

He believes the statement “I would fall into the new higher rate” should be considered persuasive justification of his position by the 95% of people who would not, instead of an affirmation of his bloated sense of entitlement.

Mr Doyle said: “Yes, it could pay for 10,000 more police officers, hundreds of thousands of council houses and make millions of people better off.

“More importantly though, it would not make me better off. I could be down £1,000 a year, to my last £53,000 after tax. So fuck you.

“This is why you’re crazy…

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