‘Tectonic shift’: the FULL Labour NEC story

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forthemany.pngSome details of the anticipated deal among Labour NEC (National Executive Committee) members were leaked ahead of today’s NEC meeting to Kevin Maguire of the Daily Mirror and found their way into the Guardian and other media.

But only some – because the person responsible for this leak and others was not privy to the whole story. The identity of the leaker and the motives for doing so – putting the whole process at risk of unravelling – are transparent to those aware of the facts, but not a topic for this article.

Today, a BBC Radio 4 political correspondent described the changes as an ‘incremental’ move toward bringing the party structures into line with the wishes of the leadership and membership – but again, clearly based his conclusion on only partial information.

In fact, the shift that has taken place today is the result of careful and intelligent negotiation…

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London Midland admits it got it wrong over its passenger assistance service

David Hencke

Berkhamsted-station-is-stepfee-21 Rather a lot of stairs to go up or down if you are disabled or have a buggy at Berkhamsted station if the lift is out of order.


London Midland has admitted that a ” breakdown in communication ”   meant it didn’t know that one of its stations was unstaffed, had a faulty lift and that its  emergency passenger help service didn’t work last Sunday.

The admission came in an email from the company in response to a complaint I lodged after being dumped at Berkhamsted with my disabled wife Margaret at the end of a weekend break from Liverpool.

I highlighted this in a blog earlier this week purely because I thought the situation was potentially dangerous and that train companies should be more careful in ensuring that their passengers can travel safely.

An email from Sarah Brassingham, a customer relations adviser, admits :…

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Unlawful Conference delegate selection – here’s the SurveyMonkey email


streathamA week ago, the SKWAWKBOX publicised the case of the unlawful method used by Streatham CLP (constituency Labour party) to select the delegates that will represent it at Labour’s annual Conference, which starts next weekend in Brighton.

Local members complained to Labour’s General Secretary that the survey broke the rules, as well as doing nothing to guarantee only one vote per member or to provide proper oversight of the counting – but have received no response.

Here is the email that was sent – as readers will note, it’s a perfectly ordinary SurveyMonkey email, not anything designed for secure online voting:

streatham smonkey.pngSo serious are the issues and concerns about the opportunities for tampering and gerrymandering in this process that Labour members in Streatham have called on the party to disqualify the delegates to protect the integrity of the Conference. The best chance of this happening is at the NEC…

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Clean sweep for the left in Britain’s largest CLP


hwgHornsea and Wood Green in London is Britain’s largest CLP – with a huge 4,600 members. The CLP, which operates on a branch/delegate/General Committee (GC) basis, held its AGM on Wednesday evening.

‘Grassroots Left’ members fielded a slate of candidates for the election of GC Officers – a group sharing broadly the same view about the future direction of the Labour Party. A Grassroots Left supporter told the SKWAWKBOX:

We all support Labour’s current leadership and the election manifesto. In particular, we’d like to see public services properly funded and to stop the large-scale transfer of London’s community assets to private companies. 

Our candidate for Chair, Celia Dignan won by 122 votes to 38. That pattern was repeated across all the other contested posts. 

I’d say the high vote we received from both longstanding and newer members reflects the success of Jeremy Corbyn and the leadership in the General Election…

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Exclusive: pro-Corbyn Conference delegates outnumber centrists > 3:1


lab-conf-signThe battle for the policy direction of the Labour Party has taken an interesting – and for most members welcome – turn.

At last year’s conference in Liverpool, right-wingers – or ‘centrists’ if you prefer the mainstream media term – organised and managed to ensure a majority of CLP (constituency Labour party) delegates. This, along with a departing – and almost certainly unlawful – ‘pre-packed rule change’ move by NEC members who had been voted out by the membership, allowed the party’s right to hinder Labour by getting two unelected additional members onto the Labour NEC (National Executive Committe).

‘Fool me once’, as the saying goes. The SKWAWKBOX and other new left media, along with pro-Corbyn organisations in and out of the party, called for Corbyn-supporting members to match the right for organisation and use their superior numbers to ensure there was no repeat this year in Brighton.

Anecdotal evidence

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May to announce immediate EEA exit? If so, reveals desperate Tory delusion


On 22 September, Theresa May will make what has been flagged as a major speech – on a topic that is being withheld from the public, rather than the usual trails and leaks priming the population for what to expect and giving the the ‘commentariat’ time to tell us all what a great idea it is.

The pro-Brexit organisation The Leave Alliance (TLA) claims to have ‘intel’ on the topic of the speech – and if it is correct, it will be the equivalent of throwing a live hand-grenade into a crowded room: carnage.

TLA’s ‘intel’ suggests that May will announce the UK’s formal notice of its departure from the European Economic Area (EEA):

leave eea.pngThe EEA is an agreement among member nations allowing the free movement of goods, services, capital – and people. Most EEA members are also EU members. Some, such as Norway and Iceland, are not. All…

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