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Solidarity with the people of Venezuela!


This from Zoltan Zigedy in the USA

This coming September will mark 45 years since the US helped engineer a bloody coup against the Chilean government, a government seeking to break the chains of imperial dominance and capitalist enslavement. Today the US government is at it again, engaging its enormous power to destroy a liberating project of the Venezuelan people. In the interim, US dirty hands have been present in thwarting the self-determination of peoples throughout the world, in some cases multiple times. Afghanistan, El Salvador, Nicaragua, tiny Grenada, Panama– the list of the violated goes on and on– extending to more recently, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Honduras, and, at the moment, Venezuela.

It doesn’t matter whether the US is ruled by Republicans or Democrats. When the first whiff of national independence is detected by the global watch dogs, the alarm sounds and the political “leaders” fall in line.

Surely only…

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Shaping relations with communist and workers’ parties


Below is detailed a very balanced and mature approach by the German Communist party to the basis on which it conducts relations with sister parties.

Final version decided by the party executive committee’s 6th conference on Januar 26, 2019


The DKP considers the intensification of the cooperation of the communist and workers parties as the decisive way to strengthen the revolutionary and anti-imperialist movement on a global scale.

In doing so, the DKP acknowledges that there are different views between Communist and Workers Parties on a number of issues. These can and must be the subject of a debate in solidarity between the parties. The debate, the common practice, and the exchange about the struggles fought can lead to a gain of knowledge, and thus help to improve the work of all parties, but also of the communist world movement as a whole.

The DKP is guided by the…

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Grave of Karl and Jenny Marx vandalised


The grave of Jenny von Westphalen and Karl Marx has been vandalised in a hammer attack that left the face of the plinth scarred with hammer blows.

Communist Party general secretary Robert Griffiths said: “The ideas of Marx – like his plinth at Highgate – are powerful enough to outlast any damage done by a fascist vandal. This moronic attack should help ensure an even bigger turnout for the annual Marx Oration and ceremony there on Sunday, March 17. The labour movement and the left in Britain and internationally must now ensure that the monument is fully restored as quickly as possible”.

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Win some, lose some


The Guardian chose not to publish this letter….

Gary Younge (Theresa May’s survival is just a Tory confidence trick) is his usual perceptive self in dissecting the motives Theresa May’s colleagues in the parliamentary Tory Party have for sustaining her government in office.

Where he goes astray is in the sentence: “They support her in precisely the same fashion Lenin advised communists to support the Labour party — “as a rope supports a hanged man”.”

Lenin said something quite different. In the context of a labour movement still divided by the support given by the right wing leadership of the Labour Party for imperialist war – Lenin advised British communists to seek the widest unity in defeating the Tory/Liberal coalition.

In urging Britain’s revolutionary socialists to fuse their various organisations into a united Communist party Lenin suggested that: “The Communist Party should propose the following “compromise” election agreement to the…

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Sham EU parliament backs coup in Venezuela

#HandsOffVenezuela EU


Statement by the Communist Party of Ireland

31 January 2019

The sham veneer of democracy that is the “European Parliament” adopted a resolution today recognising the opposition leader Juan Guaidó as the “interim president” of Venezuela. It also called on member-states to recognise the coup government, just as it did with coup junta in Ukraine in 2014.

The mask continues to slip and to reveal the true character and nature of the European Union, little more than an instrument for protecting and advancing the interests of big European corporations and global imperialism.

It behoves all those parties and organisations, both here in Ireland and within the EU member-states, that still harbour illusions that this instrument of imperialism can be reformed or “democratised” to recognise these facts. By presenting such illusions they are complicit in the actions of the EU and now in particular in what is being organised for the…

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Eye witness to the situation in Venezuela



Interview with Paul Dobson in Venezuela

Above: Opposition protest in Caracus

30 January 2019

One week after the attempted right-wing coup in Venezuela, Paul Dobson, a member of the Internal Department of the Venezuela Communist Party, described the situation across Venezuela as ‘entirely normal’.   All services were functioning.  Buses continued to run. People went to work.  Water supply continued.  Electricity was as before – including, as before, interruptions in supply of perhaps half an hour a week.

Nor was there any shortage of essential goods or medicines in the shops although a few categories of specialist cancer drugs were off the shelves as a result of the US blockade.  The main problem was inflation – though wages were being increased in step.  

The coup attempt the previous week, involving a small contingent of the military, had been contained to two or three neighbourhoods of…

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Britain should leave the EU on WTO terms


Britain should leave the EU on March 29, liberating a future Labour government from EU Single Market rules and trading with EU and other countries on WTO terms if necessary, Britain’s Communists declared at the weekend.
  At the first meeting of its new Executive Committee elected at the 55th Congress, the Communist Party said that the ‘pro-EU Tory minority regime’ and the EU Commission could not be trusted to reach any withdrawal agreement that did not serve the interests of big business and the capitalist class.
  ‘Britain’s political crisis is deepening by the day and it reflects a more profound crisis for the ruling class and state-monopoly capitalism’, the party’s general secretary Robert Griffiths reported.
  ‘Their efforts to derail Brexit have not been successful so far, despite having a majority in the House of Commons and the House of Lords’, he added, ‘EU supporters have been divided…

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Zoltan Zigedy on US politics


Tilting at Windmills?

Two months have passed since the 2018 midterm elections, yet Democrats are already jumping into the 2020 Presidential race with many more candidates on the way. Typically, candidates are reluctant to go against an incumbent, but the Democrats smell blood in the water with the Trump Presidency.
This is another “new face” moment when Party leaders sense that Democratic Party voters are angry at nearly all of the US institutions and disgusted with past choices.
Earlier moments of flagging voter confidence necessitated fresh faces to bolster class rule. For example, in the wake of the Nixon fiasco, the Democrats found a relatively unknown “aw shucks” peanut farmer/governor from the South. Jimmy Carter, a “Mr. Clean Jeans” with an unblemished record as an administrator, served in sharp contrast to the Nixon sleaze machine. By 1978, he had betrayed the last iteration of a progressive, New Deal-like Democratic platform…

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