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Vast crowds for Corbyn in Hull #groundswell #GE17

Register to vote
Even if you are a rough sleeper
Even if you haven’t your national insurance number


Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘rock star’ reception on the campaign trail continues. Today he appeared in Hull, to crowds on the city’s streets as impressive as anything seen since General Election campaigning began – apart from, perhaps, the incredible 20,000 young people who serenaded and cheered him during a Libertines gig at Prenton Park last Saturday.

Corbyn met with huge acclaim from crowds of thousands in Leeds, Wirral, Birmingham and even small towns like Hebden Bridge – but in Hull the turnout was if anything even larger:

hull 4hull 3hull 2hull 1Well done to the people of Hull, who clearly have as much appetite for authenticity, vision and genuine strength as those in every other part of the country Corbyn has visited so far.

The groundswell continues – and the Tories continue to implode.

There are still just over three hours left to register to vote. Make sure you claim your future.

The SKWAWKBOX is provided free of charge but…

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#ImWithConnor: young man carried bodily away for trying to talk with May #GE17

I believe, when I heard this footage earlier, an Officer confirming he was arrested for “Breach of the peace”! Why aren’t the Tory Cabinet arrested then???


In scenes reminiscent of the worst of the Thatcher years, a young man has been wrestled, lifted and carried bodily away for shouting something to Theresa May. As you can see from the footage below, he was not near the Prime Minister, nor making any attempt to get close enough to do any harm – and yet he is forced away from the scene even after May has long since entered a building and, for protesting at the actions of police, he is wrestled violently to the ground after a female police officer is heard saying ‘Let’s just put him down, come on’.

A male officer uses his body weight to buckle the young man – Connor’s – legs to bring him to the ground and then several officers lift him bodily and cart him off:

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Banners for Spain

Visited Guernica last month
Walked around with leaflets about this horror of horrors!!!
Shocked and disturbed me


by Nick Wright

Legend has it that while Picasso was living in Nazi-occupied Paris during World War II, a visiting German officer asked him, upon seeing a photo of the painting Guernica in his apartment, “Did you do that?” Picasso responded, “No, you did.”

As the veterans of the International Brigades breathe their last a new generation is recovering the significance of their heroism and of the Spanish tragedy.

Defence of the Spanish Republic was the defining issue of the late Thirties. Britain’s ruling elite favoured accommodation with nazi Germany and fascist Italy while the democratic Spanish republic counted on the support of the Soviet Union and enormous international popular movement of solidarity.

In every country this took the the traditional form of  political action and demonstration. And in Britain against the  government’s so-called ‘non-intervention’ policy which turned a blind eye to Hitler and Mussolini’s shameless supply of military aid…

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Lifelong Tory voter talks #May, #DementiaTax – and joining Labour Party #GE17

The U-turn that is all blamed on Corbyn!


Lifelong Tory voter Anthony O’Toole went with his Labour-supporting sister to hear Jeremy Corbyn speak during his campaign visit to West Kirby in the north-west of England on Saturday afternoon.

He was so impressed that he went home and immediately joined the Labour Party.

tory rosette bin.pngThe SKWAWKBOX has previously covered the phenomenon of older people with a long history of voting Conservative who are switching their vote to Labour as they see the impact of Tory policies since 2010 on their children, grandchildren and the NHS they rely on.

Those streams became a flood with the release of the Tory manifesto, which promises to remove free school meals for infant school pupils – and to hammer older people by making them pay for all their care out of their assets, down to the last £100,000. Although it has been dubbed the ‘dementia tax’, it is not limited to dementia sufferers but…

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Really hope this creative defacing of Tory posters doesn’t catch on #GE17

Thanks for letting Joe Public know!

It’s a fine line between being helpful, with a warning about vandalism, and being a hindrance, by encouraging increased vandalism! I think you’ve made it really clear, to me! Thank you! I will do my best!


It has come to the attention of the SKWAWKBOX that a campaign of defacement of Tory campaign posters has been underway in the Colne Valley constituency. The Tory candidate, Jason McCartney, was until recently the constituency’s MP – and it appears that at least some of his constituents were not enamoured of his performance.

Perhaps quite a few of his constituents, judging by the huge crowds of people who turned out there recently to greet Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

.The amendments to the Tory election posters appear to have been the subject of considerable care in colour matching and the scaling of images – and to have been done with the intention of ‘dropping [what their creator considers] a truth-bomb’ on voters:

toryposter 3toryposter 2toryposter 1This campaign appears to be a variant of the ‘strong and stable my arse’ posters that have been springing up all over London (and elsewhere?):

sas arse.pngBut of course, the SKWAWKBOX would…

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One day left: register to vote – for Labour, for your #NHS #claimyourfuture #GE17

Free Higher Education


There’s one day left – the deadline for registering to vote in the General Election is tomorrow, Monday 22 May.

Around 2 million people have already registered – enough to upset any polls and expectations. Many of those are young people, who are overwhelmingly – and often uproariously – behind Jeremy Corbyn.

This election can be won. The Tories can be removed. It’s essential that every person entitled to vote registers – homeless people are entitled to vote, which may surprise some people. But you have to register. It’s not automatic.

In the video below, Ellie Rowsell of Wolf Alice talks about the importance of registering and voting, if you want to claim your future back from the Tories:

You also need…

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Huge. Labour to end student fees IMMEDIATELY if elected #GE17 #claimyourfuture

Less than 24 hours to register to vote


This is the news every young person starting university this autumn has been hoping for. The decision ordinary people instinctively know is right.

The one Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters could feel was coming.

In news just released, Labour has announced that it will lift a £38 billiondebt burden from students’ shoulders – starting with the ending of tuition fees immediately after the election, not just in 2018/19.

lab students.pngLabour leader Jeremy Corbyn and Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner will formally announce on Monday that 400,000 university students will be freed from an average of around £27,000 debt thisautumn if Labour is elected next month, not just from 2018.

Tuition fees will be abolished from 2018 under a Labour Government – this is the earliest that legislation could be completed and enacted. But Labour is also pledging to write off the first year of fees for students planning to start university

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