Win some, lose some


The Guardian chose not to publish this letter….

Gary Younge (Theresa May’s survival is just a Tory confidence trick) is his usual perceptive self in dissecting the motives Theresa May’s colleagues in the parliamentary Tory Party have for sustaining her government in office.

Where he goes astray is in the sentence: “They support her in precisely the same fashion Lenin advised communists to support the Labour party — “as a rope supports a hanged man”.”

Lenin said something quite different. In the context of a labour movement still divided by the support given by the right wing leadership of the Labour Party for imperialist war – Lenin advised British communists to seek the widest unity in defeating the Tory/Liberal coalition.

In urging Britain’s revolutionary socialists to fuse their various organisations into a united Communist party Lenin suggested that: “The Communist Party should propose the following “compromise” election agreement to the…

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