Eye witness to the situation in Venezuela



Interview with Paul Dobson in Venezuela

Above: Opposition protest in Caracus

30 January 2019

One week after the attempted right-wing coup in Venezuela, Paul Dobson, a member of the Internal Department of the Venezuela Communist Party, described the situation across Venezuela as ‘entirely normal’.   All services were functioning.  Buses continued to run. People went to work.  Water supply continued.  Electricity was as before – including, as before, interruptions in supply of perhaps half an hour a week.

Nor was there any shortage of essential goods or medicines in the shops although a few categories of specialist cancer drugs were off the shelves as a result of the US blockade.  The main problem was inflation – though wages were being increased in step.  

The coup attempt the previous week, involving a small contingent of the military, had been contained to two or three neighbourhoods of…

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