Murder, by May (And a complicit Media)

The Tories do not care. They have never and will never care about the sanctity of human life. Their only aim is to erase the number of Just About Managing families in order to meet targets. When policies created with the aim to ensure positive outcomes for families result in the death of family members, questions must be asked. Why is this not a national scandal? How is it that the Tories are being allowed to get away with the killing and cleansing of vulnerable citizens through the creation of policies which kill? That is what it is, socio-economic manslaughter. 

If they cared, surely they would stop and look into this but oh no, the lust of vampires is mightier than life itself. 

1. Universal Credit and poverty. Look no further:

2. Benefit sanctions and suicide:

3. 50 percent of women attempt following fit for work assessments:

4. Death on Benefits to ESA claimants:

5. The Vampire’s apprentice has been released to devour the oxygen supply of benefit claimants:

6. The Tories have the blood of UK citizens on their hands indeed:

7. Oh, just a few more deaths to consider:

But it will be okay. Just keep rewarding the henchmen and women for a targeted killing spree and it will just continue:

And after they recieve thier reward, appoint a ‘minister of suicide’ to examine the stare of suicide in the nation. What fuckwit Ted and perverse thinking. Always need to be seen to be doing something but it is always the wrong thing. Address the sham of benefits, decent wage, homes to live address the damaged infrastructure of society if you have any intention of addressing mental health concerns. Bastards. 

And there is much, much more than this. How dare they. How the hell dare they erase human life at a whim. It is time to make a stand and erase this government. How dare they share the same oxygen supply.

(Credit to a fishgirl, aged 23)

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