Brexit Bombshell: All Northern Ireland people would be better off in a new united Ireland says new report

Ireland Re-United

Westminster Confidential

cropped_United_Ireland_map_iStock Will this be the new prosperous Ireland? Pic credit: Istock


It has received virtually no publicity in the mass media in the United Kingdom, But it is a question that was begging to be asked in the current impasse over whether there should be a soft or hard border between the Republic and Northern Ireland. And until now no one has weighed up the facts and figures of a united Ireland versus a divided Ireland. Indeed there was pressure from the Irish government to keep this report secret because of the Brexit negotiations.

But this week the the Joint Oireachtas Committee on the Implementation of the Good Friday Agreement have published a highly controversial report ‘Brexit & the Future
of Ireland Uniting Ireland & its People in Peace & Prosperity’ which basically says the British taxpayer will be better off if it let Northern Ireland unite with…

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Profile of REAL British antisemites: right-wing, anti-Corbyn, pro-Brexit, love Daily Mail, hate Muslims too

Tom Pride

4 months ago

I know it doesn’t fit the narrative, but real antisemitic activists in the UK are NOT Labour Party or Jeremy Corbyn supporters.

In fact, our investigation into thirty of the most active British anti-semites on social media show they are overwhelmingly strongly OPPOSED to Jeremy Corbyn.

And all are on the far-right of the political spectrum, not the left.

Real Jew-hating, anti-semites exist in the UK. Our investigation into the online presence of the most active anti-semitic activists on Twitter and Facebook, reveals anti-semites pretty much speak with one voice when it comes to their beliefs and policies.

British antisemites are overwhelmingly right-wing and pro-Brexit, they hate Jeremy Corbyn, Labour and the Left in general, they LOVE Katie Hopkins, Donald Trump, Nigel Farage and the Daily Mail,  – sharing their posts very often.

Interestingly, they also hate Muslims just as much as they hate Jews:

Is anybody really surprised that people who hate Jews are right-wing and that they also hate Muslims or people of other religions, nationalities or races?

But don’t take my word for it – see for yourself. These people are now operating openly with their hatred, safe in the knowledge that mainstream journalists will ignore them because they do not fit the false narrative of antisemitism on the left which is being used to smear Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party.

Here are links to some of the most active hard-line British anti-semites we investigated – ALL of them are right-wing.

You will see they are openly using stomach-churning anti-Jewish tropes about secret Jewish groups at work to undermine democracy – something used by the Nazis extensively in the 1930s to whip up hatred against Jews:

Nationalist Guard –  @HeracliusRex

New British Union – @garyraikes2

Right Thinking – @thinkrightuk

Sharon( shaz) 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 – @Sharonryan750G

frankie G – @FrancoGargaro

And because they are being ignored by the mainstream media, the real British anti-semites are becoming so emboldened, they are openly denying the Holocaust on social media safe in the knowledge no British journalist will call them out on it:

Ian Millard – @ianrmillard

Paul Of England – @BandicootMK

Frank Haviland  🇬🇧 – @Frankhaviland

michael coombs – @mikemikev

Serena Brown – @SerenaJB3

The real anti-semites are also regularly and openly posting vile anti-semitic memes:

DrekiNidhoggr – @dreki_a

And overwhelmingly, real British anti-semites rabidly hate the left:

White girl – @Whitegi06602788

The real anti-semites are not subtle in their hatred – because they know nobody is calling them out on their disgusting abuse:

Mik Oneill – @mik_oneill

And all of them hate other minorities as well as Jews, including Muslims and LGBT people:

TheAngloSaxon – @End_The_EU

Recently, some of the more wily leading British anti-semites have managed to avoid being suspended on social media for hate speech by using code words. A common one is to use the word ‘juice’ instead of ‘Jews’:

Alfred Albion™ – @AlfredAlbion

Roscoe Alden  🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 – @Roscoe1907

And some are using more subtle (?) hints at Holocaust denial:

Unapologetically English – @ARealEnglishman

But the vile, disgusting hatred is there for all to see:

Lord Molyneaux‏ @LordMolyneaux

The real tragedy about the right-wing press using the false narrative that anti-semitism comes from the Left, is that the real anti-semites on the Right have become emboldened because they are being allowed by everyone to go about their vile business untouched and unnoticed.

So please share. Thank you.

Yasmine Dar • Huda Elmi • Rachel Garnham • Ann Henderson • Jon Lansman • Navendu Mishra • Claudia Webbe • Darren Williams • Peter Willsman

Voting opens today for the nine places on Labour’s NEC (National Executive Committee) representing party members.

The Left has put together a slate for all nine places

I support these 9❗️ VOTE FOR

Yasmine Dar • Huda Elmi • Rachel Garnham • Ann Henderson • Jon Lansman • Navendu Mishra • Claudia Webbe • Darren Williams • Peter Willsman

Why there should be no Cliff’s Law following the chilling judgement by Mr Justice Mann

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Westminster Confidential

royal-courts-justice-passes-misuse-602677 High Court decision on Sir Cliff Richard should not mean a new law


The scathing judgement by Mr Justice Mann condemning the BBC for the invasion of  Sir Cliff Richard’s privacy has profound implications for crime reporting.

The BBC is condemned  for reporting the raid on his home following allegations of child sexual abuse which did not stand up- not just for the sensational way they did it – but for reporting it at all.

This is a double edged judgement. True the freedom of the press to do this has led to innocent people like  DJ Paul Gambaccini and Sir Cliff suffering enormous traumatic stress and having their reputations trashed over unproven child sex abuse allegations.

But in other cases noticeably broadcaster Stuart Hall, the entertainer Rolf Harris ( both child sexual abuse allegations) and for that matter ( on perverting the course of justice) …

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15/07/2018 · by SKWAWKBOX · in Uncategorized. ·

The BBC and other media have announced this evening that, according to the brother of Charlie Rowley, the toxin that poisoned him and Dawn Sturgess was found in a perfume bottle that Rowley had picked up.

Interestingly, an article published online by the Daily Telegraph that now says similar to the BBC’s version first said something very different when it was published at 7.01pm this evening:

The original Telegraph article, left, and the one that quickly replaced it at the same url

(Current version here, Google archive of the original article currently here. PDF of the original available at the end of this article, as Wayback Machine et  will not save Google-cached versions)

The original version came complete with quotes from a chemical weapons expert about the likelihood that ‘assassins’ had used Rowley’s house – said to be vacant at the time – as a ‘safe house’ to prepare for the ‘hit’. But the article also speculated that Rowley had found the bottle when he moved in – which would mean his first contact with the poison or its container could go back weeks further than initially thought.

The media may be harmonising their stories, but the new developments raise more questions than they answer. The ‘MSM’ are still failing to ask those pertinent – and obvious – questions or the others that were already obvious last week.

Twelve days

As the SKWAWKBOX pointed out last week, when Charlie Rowley regained consciousness on Wednesday the police had been in possession of his house for twelve days but apparently did not find the ‘small glass bottle’ containing the poison until Rowley woke and, presumably, told them where to find it.


◦ weren’t the police searching during this period?

◦ if they were, does this mean the bottle was hidden?

◦ if it was not hidden, why didn’t police take all potential candidate containers for testing immediately?

It’s not as if the idea of a perfume bottle didn’t occur to anyone. Days before the police found the bottle, the BBC’s security correspondent Frank Gardner had already suggested exactly that – which raises questions in itself, as the coincidence is certainly striking and Gardner has been rumoured to be close to UK security services, a rumour that Gardner has denied, although he has written of an attempt by the SIS to recruit him as a young man.

Wired article on Novichok poisons published early last week, before ‘glass bottle’ found


As the SKWAWKBOX also highlighted last week, after the Skripal poisoning in March, police released CCTV footage of a couple they described as persons of interest. Still images of this footage have been published by anonymous authors with claims of a strong resemblance to Rowley and Sturgess.

The ‘persons of interest’ captured on CCTV on the day of the Salisbury attack, close to where the Skripals were found


◦  why have the media failed to comment on this resemblance?

◦ have investigators discounted the link?

◦ if so, why haven’t the media mentioned what would be an important and clearly very significant development?

◦ if the footage has not been discounted, why are no media commenting on the coincidence that a couple resembling the more recent victims was in the vicinity of the first poisoning?

The ‘perfume’

When police eventually announced that the Skripals had been poisoned by means of Novichok applied to the front door handle of their house, we were told that it was applied as a gel or some form of ‘gloop’ to prevent it being neutralised by weathering. This does not seem compatible with the idea of it being mistaken for a bottle of ‘perfume’.

In addition, the Telegraph’s original article suggested that Rowley may have found the bottle in his house rather than finding it in the street and picking up at random or speculatively.


◦ when/where did Rowley ‘pick it up’, as his

◦ was the poison in gel form? If so:

◦ how did the Skripal attackers apply it effectively from a bottle designed to look like perfume?

◦ how were Rowley and Sturgess fooled into thinking it was perfume long enough for both of them to handle it without suspicion?

◦ Rowley continued to go about his day with a friend after Dawn Sturgess was hospitalised – why weren’t his suspicions raised by her illness after touching a bottle of ‘gloopy perfume?

◦ if it was not gel-like, how was it applied to the Skripals’ door handle successfully, since we were told the ‘gloop’ was necessary to the application?

◦ if it was not gel-like, how would the Skripals’ attackers use it without risk of their own contamination by the liquid or aerosol form?

◦ how long did Ms Sturgess and Mr Rowley have the bottle?

◦ if they were contaminated quickly on finding it, why did it take hours for them to become ill?

◦ if Rowley simply ‘found’ the bottle and picked it up, why had the police not found it twelve days after taking possession of Rowley’s home where it eventually turned up?

◦ why did the Telegraph simply over-write its original article with the new one, instead of publishing a separate update? Was it merely that it was quickly superseded by new information?

‘That lot’

When first interviewed by the BBC, Matthew Rowley said that he wasn’t sure how his brother had become ‘involved with that lot’.


◦ what ‘lot’? People? A substance? Something else?

The media

The media have not raised these obvious questions – and other potential ones – that the circumstances, official narrative and new developments raise.

Question: why?


Any of these questions might have perfectly logical answers – but unlike what might be expected of journalists covering a huge story, none of the MSM seem asking them to find out.

PDF of original Telegraph ‘safe house’ article here.


15/07/2018 · by SKWAWKBOX · in Uncategorized. ·

Labour deputy leader Tom Watson

They say a week is a long time in politics. It seems five days is a very long time in the life of politician Tom Watson.

Just last Tuesday, Watson – along with a number of other Labour ‘moderates’ – enraged many Labour supporters by telling the BBC that he thought Labour’s job was to prevent Theresa May’s government from collapsing – an outrageous idea when so many people are suffering and even dying under the policies of a callous and cowardly Tory regime – and seemed to suggest that Labour should prop her up by supporting her half-baked Brexit deal.

This morning, Watson appeared on Sky News and sounded like an entirely different person:

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0:00 / 1:37


Enter Full Screen.__vd_aev5o7_screen-reader-text{clip:rect(1px, 1px, 1px, 1px);position:absolute !important;height:1px;width:1px;overflow:hidden}


Watson told Sky’s Sophie Ridge that May’s deal is, well –  half-baked – as well as not good enough and he agreed with the ministers who resigned last week that May’s deal is ‘unworkable’, as well as underlining how it would be bad for British workers. He sounded like a Labour politician.

Has someone had a firm word in his ear, or has the outrage from Labour members and supporters persuaded him his initial stance wasn’t going to work out well?

#FBEU – Not In My Name, Even Though I Voted Remain

Turning the Tide

The attitude of the Follow Back Pro EU brigade on twitter (#FBPE) is typical of so many arrogant MPs who think they can overrule the ‘stupid public’ on Brexit, and I say this as a remain voter. It’s that kind of know-it-all arrogance that drove people to want to give MPs a shock by voting leave in the first place. The EU is not some saintly institution. When Greece were already on their knees, they shoved their faces in the dirt for good measure. Yes, there are positive aspects to the EU, but let’s not be blinkered about the bad. UnFuck2

For example, they are increasingly neo-liberal in their ethos, and undemocratic. They didn’t stop our government imposing cruel austerity measures, low wages, and greater work insecurity on our people. Why would they when they deliberately imposed the same and worse on the Greek people? They want to impose competition in…

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