Huge win for left as right-wing Birmingham bastion starts to crumble


bham rainbow.pngThe West Midlands have long been a bastion of the least pleasant face of right-wing Labour. Birmingham’s nominally-Labour council has been at the heart of the ongoing dispute over the city’s refuse collections, having made a deal with its workers to then renege on it, threaten them with redundancy and lose its court battle humiliatingly in an attempt to block a union injunction.

Birmingham Labour board tried hard to exploit the rules to prevent the city’s new, pro-Corbyn membership majority having a vote in the selection of council candidates for 2018, until it was effectively overruled by Jeremy Corbyn – and even then it slipped through a measure to block an extra six months’ worth of members.

Birmingham Labour MPs formed a core of the ‘chicken coup’, with many publicly calling on Corbyn to resign after the referendum and claiming he was ‘leading the party into oblivion’ – which, after…

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DWP Secretary #ChickenGauke hides from UC urgent question debate


chickengaukeThe Lesser ChickenGauke

Last week the Tories hid from the vote on their Universal Credit (UC) roll-out – resulting in a 299-0 defeat for the government, followed by a ridiculous attempt, slapped down with derision by the Speaker, to claim it wasn’t a defeat because the government hadn’t voted.

If you thought that was the most cowardly tactic the Tories could come up with, you were wide by a country mile.

Work and Pensions Secretary David ‘Chicken‘ Gauke is directly responsible for the UC programme. Yet he failed to follow the time-honoured convention that the government must respond to a Commons defeat, to the ire of the Speaker – and today, he is in hiding from the debate on Labour’s ‘urgent question’.

whips gaukeThe irony of the DWP Secretary failing to turn up for a meeting when his victims are penalised for not turning up to a Jobcentre…

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