The definitive JLM rule motion that will go to Labour Conference

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shami jlm cropped.pngYesterday, Jeremy Newmark of the Jewish Labour Movement (JLM) issued a statement via the organisation’s website that he was ‘heartened’ that JLM’s proposed rule change regarding hate-incidents had been accepted by Labour’s NEC (National Executive Committee) for the party’s imminent annual Conference.

At the same time, NEC member Darren Williams put out a brief report on the NEC meeting via his Facebook page, which said this about the rule-change:

[W]e approved an NEC rule change on dealing with prejudiced views and behaviour that avoided the more draconian approach favoured by the Jewish Labour Movement.

This has understandably created some confusion among Labour members about the facts of the matter and what would be put before Conference. The SKWAWKBOX is pleased to be able to clarify the matter for its readers.

Below, obtained exclusively by the SKWAWKBOX, is a briefing note issued by Shadow Attorney General Shami Chakrabarti to the NEC…

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