The Communist and Workers Parties denounce the anti-communist fiesta


being organized by the Estonian Presidency of the EU.

The Communist and Workers Parties denounce the anti-communist fiesta being organized by the Estonian Presidency of the EU, in the framework of the so-called “European Day of Remembrance for the victims of totalitarian regimes”- as the EU has been attempting in recent years to establish the 23 August. The anti-communist meeting aims to slander socialism and its unprecedented achievements for the workers, to falsify history, to anti-historically and unacceptably equate communism with the monster of fascism and its atrocities. The provocative identification of communism with fascism means exonerating fascism and the womb that gives birth to and nourishes it, the exploitative capitalist system. This is why, when communists are being persecuted and condemned and communist parties are being banned in a number of EU countries, at the same time honours are being bestowed on and pensions provided to the Nazi collaborators…

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The South will rise!

Very well-reasoned


by Nick Wright

Something is stirring in the South. The South of England, regarded for some time by pundits and Labour officials as Tory territory with an occasional Lib Dem outcrop, is experiencing a Labour revival. The lost years of triangulating Tory policies and courting swing voters saw Labour decline to fringe status. But Corbyn’s new approach and a vastly invigorated Labour movement have changed perceptions. This month Labour’s Tony Winckless (above seond from right) displaced UKIP and took the Milton Regis seat on Swale Council with 53 per cent of the vote.

Turnout in council by-elections is usually low but the full results show an encouraging trend. The Labour percentage rise in this key working class North Kent community was 25.1; the Tories, with less than a quarter of the votes, suffered a 9.8 per cent decline; UKIP plummeted 14.7 per cent – over half their previous total while…

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Communists back democracy against violent subversion


The Communist Party of Britain has welcomed the results of last Sunday’s referendum in Venezuela to create a Constituent Assembly under article 347 of that country’s democratically adopted constitution.
  The support from more than eight million electors indicates the continuing scale of popular backing for the democratically elected government of President Nicolas Maduro.
  Despite the boycott of the referendum by some opposition parties and the orchestrated campaign of street violence, bombings and the assassination of election candidates and supporters, independent observers have verified that 41 per cent of all eligible electors went out to vote.
  Britain’s communists condemn the refusal of President Trump and the US administration to recognise the referendum result. Their decision to impose yet more sanctions will inflict further hardship on the people of Venezuela, who are already suffering the grave impact of domestic and external…

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Star riders close in on Berlin


from Kevan Nelson

After 2 days of cycling in scorching 30 degrees heat, the Pedal4Progress team reached the village of Crinitz south of Berlin.

On day one the gruelling 110km ride from Prague to Bad Gottleuba in Saxony just over the German border was the toughest experienced to date by many ride participants.

Along the route the group stopped off at several monuments to anti fascist resistance fighters and fallen Red Army Soldiers. Above: at the anti fascist memorial Radeberg Saxony

On day two the riders navigated the 132km route from Dohma to Crinitz through forested areas of the former GDR.

For the final and third day of the Peace Race tribute, the group will be joined on the 110km route to Berlin by cyclists from the DKP.

On arrival a reception will be held at the Soviet War memorial in Treptow Park.

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Beware the Tory EU trap




The Tory government is preparing to bind workers and a future Labour government with EU market and  competition rules after Britain leaves the EU, according to the Communist Party.

  ‘Big business is putting huge pressure on Prime Minister May and her negotiating team to reach a settlement with the EU that would prevent any form of democratic intervention in the economy through an alternative economic and political strategy’, International secretary John Foster told the party’s Political Committee on Wednesday evening (August 2).

  He warned that any transitional or post-exit treaty with the EU that accepted existing single market or customs union rules and institutions would outlaw policies to support industry, control capital, regulate trade or use public procurement contracts to promote local employment, trade unionism, upskilling and R&D investment.

  John Foster pointed to the European Free Trade Association court judgement…

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