A very different barrister needs your help

Please help him


Duncan Shipley-Dalton is a long-standing friend of this blog who has given many hours of his time providing expert legal opinion on matters of importance to SKWAWKBOX readers, as a search for “barrister” on the blog will reveal.

He’s a man with a passion for social justice and an armed-forces veteran who suffered for years with post-traumatic stress. He’s also anything but your typical barrister – and this time it’s he who needs our help.

dsd.pngDuncan Shipley-Dalton – not your typical barrister

Duncan was born on the Isle of Wight 1970 and grew up with his mum in a single parent household in a council house, living on benefits. He knows what poverty is like and what it is to go hungry. He went to the local comprehensive school.

After completing his A-levels, Duncan went to University of Essex to read Law, then moved to Belfast, where he first worked…

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How do we build on Labour’s election results? Not by misunderstanding our position with working class voters.

Rational and reasoned reflection


by Andrew Murray

How does Labour do even better next time? There is no more important debate, so almost any contribution to it has to be welcome. Getting another five per cent of the vote in the next election may prove to be more challenging than the ten per cent increase secured last month.

There is one approach being promoted by a number of MPs and others. The argument runs that Labour is losing ground among working-class voters, whilst gaining elsewhere, and that this problem needs to be addressed by changing our approach on security.

Here, I will question the underpinning analysis of this approach, and argue that it appears teleological – the desired policy end appears to be determining the line of argument.

First, that argument. It was presented in its mildest form by deputy leader Tom Watson who, in an interview with the Observer, said that Labour needed…

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