#Grenfell: ‘there WAS a fire alarm – just not for people’ #LondonFire

“It was the Muslims, wot did it!”
Has new connotations!!!


Yet another astonishing revelation has emerged about the awful Grenfell Tower events this morning appears to lie in information shown on a company website but now deleted – presumably since news of the blaze hit the media.

Witt UK, a major manufacturer of industrial-scale fans and extraction systems, had a case-study on its website about its work on Grenfell Tower. That information showsΒ that the building’s owners paid Witt to install an automatic alarm linked to the ventilation system during the 2016 refurbishment of the building.

An attempt to open the page now simply returns a β€˜not found’ result:

witt not found.pngHowever, the WayBackMachine web archive still has the page and shows the details of the case-study:

witt wayback grenfellTo be absolutely clear, the SKWAWKBOX is not saying that either the information in this case study, nor its removal, in any way incriminate Witt. Manufacturers of fans and ventilation are not manufacturers of…

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