Desperate #Tories: “#Corbyn can win. ALL that matters now is stopping him”

🎶Oh, Jeremy Corbyn
🎶Oh, Jeremy Corbyn
🎶Oh, Jeremy Corbyn


The sense of Tory panic continues and intensified, heightened still further by Corbyn’s ‘tanks on lawn’ decision today to continue in General Election mode and profit from his unassailable position to start attacking now the sixty-five most vulnerable Tory-held marginal seats.

And now the Tories have stopped even trying to hide it.

The Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) is one of the best-known and most influential Conservative ‘think-tanks’, a thought-leader for free-market Tories. Although notionally non-partisan, it was co-founded by Margaret Thatcher and its current president is Tory peer Lord Saatchi.

The CPS wholly owns and runs an online magazine titled CapX, whose editor is a former head of comment at the Telegraph. And on Tuesday, CapX published an article with the remarkably frank title:

allthatmatters.pngThe article examines the threat that Jeremy Corbyn poses to the Conservative worldview and to Tory power and reaches some remarkably conclusions:.

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