Cabinet Manual: #May can’t wait past today to show majority



The Cabinet Office publishes a manual outlining the rights, responsibilities and functioning of government. It is a formal document, issued by Parliament and it is available for any interested member of the public to download.

cab man coverThe manual has a section on how government begins when a party has an outright majority in Parliament – and a section on what must happen when no party has a majority.

In that section, at the bottom of page 14, is a paragraph that, in plain and simple English, states that Theresa May is behaving unlawfully in delaying the Queen’s Speech:

cab man“An incumbent government is entitled to wait until the new Parliament has met to see if it can command the confidence of the House‘.

As of today, Parliament has met. Jeremy Corbyn entered the House of Commons to a standing ovation from his party, new MPs took their…

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