Labour rejuvenated

A balanced fair assessment of Corbyn’s Labour Party


Jeremy Corbyn has confounded his critics by taking his manifesto message directly to the people, trusting them to put aside Tory and media lies and misrepresentations when given the opportunity to judge him face to face, writes ROBERT GRIFFITHS

ALMOST 13 million people have voted for a left-wing Labour manifesto with its policies for more progressive taxation of the rich and big business, massive public investment in the NHS and other public services, public ownership of strategic industries and utilities, an expansion of employment and trade union rights and a halt to privatisation.

Furthermore, a majority of electors have rejected austerity policies. The Tories have no mandate for five months of public spending cuts, never mind another five years.

In raising Labour’s share of the poll by 10 percentage points to almost match the Tories, Jeremy Corbyn and his leadership have been vindicated.

This is a remarkable achievement in the…

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