Must-watch: May’s ‘friends’ #DUP sing ‘We hate Catholics’ at party conf

Govt of Certainty

Will end in tears


Theresa May spoke in front of Downing Street today to announce she was forming a government with her ‘friends the Democratic Unionist Party’:

The SKWAWKBOX has already shown the deeply problematic links the DUP has with armed paramilitary groups the UDA and the UVF, as well as the funds it has accepted from a British organisation with close links to the Saudi royal family.

Bad enough.

But May and the Tories have constantly smeared Jeremy Corbyn for saying ‘friends’ to a mixed group, at a peace conference, that included representatives of Hamas, without any justification.

Yet we have Theresa May talking of ‘our friends and allies in particular’ – when referring to a group who gleefully sing of their hatred for Catholics at their party conference.

While their party leader Arlene Foster dances happily to the jolly tune:

And this is the party that the Tories hope is going…

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