#May’s #DUP crutch linked to ‘Saudi dark money’

Beheaders have no moral compass, in my world


As the SKWAWKBOX has reported, the DUP – the Northern Ireland party that Theresa May hopes can prop up a Tory minority government after her disastrous, hubristic General Election gamble – has troubling links to loyalist paramilitary organisations.

But that is not its only troubling connection, as an article by the Irish TimesFintan O’Toole revealed last month:

IT DUP Saud.jpgLast June, just a couple of days before the EU referendum, the free Metro newspaper in London came with a full-colour, pro-Brexit ‘wraparound‘ ad that cost the advertiser £282,000 to place under the noses of the capital’s 1.5 million or so readers.

That bill was paid for by the DUP – even though the Metro is not circulated in Northern Ireland.

To put that into context, the DUP’s entire spending on its whole 2016 election campaign was £90,000, less than a third of what it spent on an ad…

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