If we just assume people are guilty then we will need even fewer police, says Theresa May

And I thought it was a Tom Cruise film


Hardly any police at all will be needed if they are given the powers to arrest and detain suspects on whim, Theresa May has said.

theresa-may-stare small

Ending the time-consuming business of evidence gathering by tearing up human rights will allow just a handful of Judge Dredd-style enforcers with powers to arrest, convict and “neutralise” based on hunch, according to the Prime Minister.

Amid claims the public has been put at risk by police cuts she oversaw as Home Secretary, Mrs May said: “Let’s put the public at risk of arrest instead.”

She said: “The police no longer have time to investigate the most serious crimes and I will ensure they don’t need to by allowing them to arrest and detain people using guesswork.

“I’m talking about the people we don’t have enough evidence to prosecute in court but think might be a threat anyway.

“Let’s cut to the chase here. I’m…

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