Video: May to CUT 12,000 more #police from Met if elected #GE17 #PoliceCuts

4000 from the Met Police, as well


A shocking BBC interview with London Mayor Sadiq Khan has revealed that London faces the loss of at least three thousand police officers – and as many as twelve thousand (and when did the Tories ever cut the lower end of a number range?).

That’s twelve thousand just in London. The country as a whole has already lost 26,000 police officers and police community support officers.

In the interview, Khan talks of putting 600 more officers onto the streets of the capital when he became mayor, because he could see the parlous state of the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS).

But he outlines the £600 million in cuts the MPS has already suffered to its budgets – and the further cuts of £700 million the government is planning. That’s £1.3 billion in total.

Khan, who as London’s mayor attends the government’s ‘Cobra’ security meetings, warned that Theresa May and her party…

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