May slaps down Fallon, refuses to rule out tax rises for ANYONE #GE17

Trust Tories to tax you until dead, and then some more



may tax.pngThe Tory election campaign continues to lurch from one ‘weak and wobbly’ disaster to the next. May has been an absolute embarrassment, but the few other spokespeople allowed out in front of cameras have competed hard to keep up with her.

Especially Michael Fallon, who has become a byword for his multiple meltdowns over the Tory manifesto. And it’s not getting any better.

fallon tax.jpgAs the Guardian reports this morning, the Tory Defence Secretary was asked by the Telegraph whether high earners were safe from tax rises if the Tories are re-elected and answered an emphatic:


That set Theresa May falling over herself to slap down Fallon’s unscripted promise. Asked by a journalist whether she would categorically promise not to raise taxes, she responded by refusing to rule out tax rises for anyone, offering vagueness in a slightly broken voice instead:

When a Tory behaves like this, you only need two…

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