Video: ‘she just doesn’t answer questions’. Then she.. doesn’t #GE17


This morning, a recording emerged of an exasperated ITV journalist bemoaning Theresa May’s inability to ever actually answer the question she’s asked.

Journalists are used to the slipperiness of the usual type of politician – so for one to be that surprised is extremely telling:

As it happens, Theresa May was in the north-east today – giving an object lesson in exactly what drives journalists – the anonymous commenter above is far from the only one – to distraction. Waffle, diversion and outright lies – it was all there, if you listen.

The SKWAWKBOX brings you an edit of that question and, er, ‘answer’ session, highlighting the absolute truth of that comment –

She just doesn’t answer questions:

No wonder she daren’t debate, where that evasiveness would be skewered instead of skated over. even if it means sending her newly-bereaved Home Secretary into the firing line instead.


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