Labour to save rail passengers over £1k #GE17

Yes to cheaper rail fairs
Another vote winner for Labour


Labour has announced measures that will save rail passengers a thousand pounds if the party is elected next week, in a move that will put further pressure on the Conservatives – who have overseen enormous fare rises.

Since the Tories entered Downing Street in 2010, the average rail fare has risen by an enormous 27%, far ahead of the rate of inflation – and are projected by the OBR (Office of Budget Responsibility) to rise by 50% from 2010-2022 if they remain in office – and by a further £162 if the Tories return to the RPI+1% that they were forced by Labour to abandon in 2013.

The Conservative party has failed to make any commitment in its 2017 manifesto to freeze fares.

The BBC covered the announcement this morning, but managed to screw up its rolling headline:

bbc railLabour’s press release states:

Rail passengers £1,000 better off under Labour

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