PCP: Yes to peace! No to NATO!


Statement from the Portuguese Communist Party

At the high-level meeting held in Brussels, with the participation of the US President and in a context of latent contradictions, NATO announces its aim of affirming its cohesion, namely on the growing involvement in wars of aggression —like in Afghanistan or in the Middle East— and in the arms and military race, conducted by the US, under the cover of the so-called “war on terrorism”.

While hypocritically proclaiming the “war on terrorism”, the US and its allies are responsible for the promotion, support and instrumentalization of terrorist groups in destabilization operations and wars of aggression against sovereign states, as in Syria.

The recent 110 billion dollar agreement between the US and Saudi Arabia to supply weapons assumes a shocking and dangerous significance, as the latter recognizably supports terrorists organizations and is responsible for the war against Yemen and its people.

Recall that of…

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