Video: #Paxman gives PERSONAL verdict on May’s #BattleForNumber10 #GE17

T May ‘No deal is better than a bad deal’

❌Platitudinous bullshit❌
❌Platitudinous bullshit❌
❌Platitudinous bullshit❌


Jeremy Paxman is a consummate professional who has been giving politicians a grilling (or roasting, if you’re Michael Howard) since 1993. He knows how to ask hard questions without compromising his impartiality as interviewer.

So tonight we saw something remarkable: Paxman being so underwhelmed by an interviewee that he let slip his own opinion – and boy was it brutal.

paxo turkey.pngImage by @UKDemockery. Concept by SKWAWKBOX

The Establishment media was already desperatelyspinning the event minutes after it finished to try to cover up May’s car-crash, but the truth will out – and ‘Paxo’ was the one to do the stuffing.

Paxman was interviewing Theresa May and, after giving May a thorough roughing up about her supposed suitability for Brexit negotiations that he said this:

Paxman is a pro. If he wanted to keep his own opinion out of the discussion, he could easily have said ‘Surely an EU negotiator…

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