Corbyn looked up a number – he HAD one to look up. May forgot where she was. #GE17



So, the media – predictably – are harping on about one moment in an interview where Jeremy Corbyn had to look up a number on childcare costs on his iPad while a Woman’s Hour interviewer badgered him.

Big deal – Labour’s manifesto is a huge and detailed document and nobody reasonable would expect someone to know every number by heart.

The interviewer, Emma Barnett, gave away her agenda by immediately making this an issue of trustworthiness:

Corbyn: Can I give you the exact figure in a moment, please?

EB: Is this not exactly the issue with people and the Labour Party.. – that we cannot trust you with our money?

The clear answer to that question is ‘no’ (or, more bluntly, ‘don’t be so stupid’).

Corbyn had a figure to look up – Labour’s manifesto is detailed and fully costed in every respect. If you go to…

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