Corbyn HAS condemned IRA bombing. Parliament has it on record #GE17

Not good enough!
Corbyn must try harder!
Fake News!
Corbyn us a terrorist-sympathiser!
He must have had his fingers crossed.
Tabloids tell the truth. Especially Murdoch


Last Friday, the BBC’s Andrew Neil frustrated a majority of viewer and even the press by spending the bulk of his half-hour interview with Jeremy Corbyn on the topic of the IRA. Others have done similarly and it’s to be expected that Jeremy Paxman will do more than touch on the topic tonight.

jc neilCorbyn speaking to Andrew Neil last Friday

One of the main questions that keeps being used is whether Corbyn will condemn IRA violence specifically. Corbyn will answer, because it’s true, that he condemns all bombings.

But he has, in fact, condemned IRA violence specifically. Parliament even has it on record.

In 1994, Labour MP David Winnick proposed an EDM (Early Day Motion) in the Commons commemorating the victims of the IRA bombing in Birmingham 20 years earlier.

The wording of the motion is unequivocal:

That this House notes that it is 20 years since the mass killings…

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