6 questions May MUST answer this evening #BattleForNumber10 #AskMay

Voting for May, is a blind gamble by OAPs, when it comes to the Dementia Tax


Theresa May has run scared of even the notion of debate during this General Election campaign. The nearest she will get is this evening, when she will (!) be in the same building as Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn but will not debate.

Instead, she will face questions submitted by members of the public and then be questioned by Jeremy Paxman.

paxmanIt remains to be seen whether Paxman is the force he once was and will give her the same, relentless treatment he gave then-Tory leader Michael Howard, or will – as Andrew Neil did on the BBC last week – go easier on her than on her rival (though even then she came off far worse).

But it’s time for Theresa May – going against the grain as it will certainly be – to be straight with the British people on her plans for pensioners, working people and our…

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