#NHS under #Tories – 2.5 HOUR wait for sick child’s EMERGENCY ambulance #GE17


A shocking example reached the SKWAWKBOX today of the near-collapse of the NHS under Tory-imposed cash-starvation.

sick child‘F’, a young mother on the Wirral peninsula in north-west England, was preparing to go on holiday when her young child became ill – so ill that a ‘111’ operator called for an ambulance to be despatched immediately to the sick and unresponsive young boy. I’ll let ‘F’ tell the story in her own words:

I’m feeling very strongly about the state of our NHS just now. My youngest has had a bad sickness bug for 48 hours (so bad we are right now meant to be in Portugal but had to cancel as he wasn’t fit to travel).

I’ve got 3 kids and so I’ve been through most illnesses several times and sick bugs can linger. After him throwing up for 48 hours he had zero energy and is super lethargic. He had…

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