YouGov (!) gives two huge reasons for Labour poll surge #GE17

An example of Tory duplicity
DementiaTax is going to be capped, says May
How much, is it £300,000 £350,000?
Says May, “Vote for me on June 8th, and I’ll tell you, after I’m elected, how much you’re capped!”
She takes all OAPs for fools…it’s lost her millions of votes, I hope!


We live in interesting times.

If you want cast-iron evidence that Labour’s polling surge is real and why it’s happening, polling company YouGov (owned by Tories) just provided it, with two tweets of their research into voter attitudes toward the policies of the two main parties following their manifesto launches.

shock.pngYouGov published charts on Twitter of two polls they had conducted, mapping changes in the attitude of the electorate. One showed attitudes toward Tory policies and their credibility, before and after their policy launch:

The other showed the same data but with regard to Labour policies:

These changes certainly…

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