Vast crowds for Corbyn in Hull #groundswell #GE17

Register to vote
Even if you are a rough sleeper
Even if you haven’t your national insurance number


Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘rock star’ reception on the campaign trail continues. Today he appeared in Hull, to crowds on the city’s streets as impressive as anything seen since General Election campaigning began – apart from, perhaps, the incredible 20,000 young people who serenaded and cheered him during a Libertines gig at Prenton Park last Saturday.

Corbyn met with huge acclaim from crowds of thousands in Leeds, Wirral, Birmingham and even small towns like Hebden Bridge – but in Hull the turnout was if anything even larger:

hull 4hull 3hull 2hull 1Well done to the people of Hull, who clearly have as much appetite for authenticity, vision and genuine strength as those in every other part of the country Corbyn has visited so far.

The groundswell continues – and the Tories continue to implode.

There are still just over three hours left to register to vote. Make sure you claim your future.

The SKWAWKBOX is provided free of charge but…

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