Lifelong Tory voter talks #May, #DementiaTax – and joining Labour Party #GE17

The U-turn that is all blamed on Corbyn!


Lifelong Tory voter Anthony O’Toole went with his Labour-supporting sister to hear Jeremy Corbyn speak during his campaign visit to West Kirby in the north-west of England on Saturday afternoon.

He was so impressed that he went home and immediately joined the Labour Party.

tory rosette bin.pngThe SKWAWKBOX has previously covered the phenomenon of older people with a long history of voting Conservative who are switching their vote to Labour as they see the impact of Tory policies since 2010 on their children, grandchildren and the NHS they rely on.

Those streams became a flood with the release of the Tory manifesto, which promises to remove free school meals for infant school pupils – and to hammer older people by making them pay for all their care out of their assets, down to the last £100,000. Although it has been dubbed the ‘dementia tax’, it is not limited to dementia sufferers but…

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