Let them eat toast. Academy primary’s text to parents shows future if Tories win #GE17

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The Conservative party’s newly-announced General Election manifesto – alongside a multi-pronged attack on the nation’s elderly – states that free school meals for infant school children will be abolished should the Tories win the election.

toast.pngToday, parents in Rotherham received a foretaste of the future under a Tory government when their children’s primary school texted them about their children’s school meals.

Parents of children attending Greasborough Primary – part of the Willow Tree Academy chain – contacted the SKWAWKBOX to advise that the school has sent text messages to parents telling them that if they fall into arrears with payments for school meals the children will no longer be given a meal, just toast:

toast textWhen teachers are already buying food for children who arrive at school hungry and unable to concentrate, the importance of a school meal in the middle of the day to a child’s education is universally recognised.

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