Man on over £80,000 expects you to give a shit

16 Mn in Britain have less than £100 in savings

If the Richest were taxed more, guess what?

They’re still the Richest in Britain!!!


A man earning over £80,000 a year is not voting Labour simply because he doesn’t want to pay any more tax and expects you to sympathise with his bullshit, he has confirmed.


Ray Doyle thinks he pays “enough tax already” even though it is patently clear from the state of public services that he does not.

He believes the statement “I would fall into the new higher rate” should be considered persuasive justification of his position by the 95% of people who would not, instead of an affirmation of his bloated sense of entitlement.

Mr Doyle said: “Yes, it could pay for 10,000 more police officers, hundreds of thousands of council houses and make millions of people better off.

“More importantly though, it would not make me better off. I could be down £1,000 a year, to my last £53,000 after tax. So fuck you.

“This is why you’re crazy…

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