“As I Please” Column for Tribune, 19th May 2017: Election Thoughts

❌❌❌May’s manifold shortcomings – her joylessness, heartlessness, mithlessness and overall tin ear for human – suggest to me someone wholly lacking in the low but very human animal cunning, half-charm, half-thuggery, needed to negotiate a deal with anyone about anything, let alone govern a country in the interests of its citizens✔️✔️✔️

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Last week you may have noticed that the Tory Press – that bastion of Free Expression which empowers avaricious psychopaths to pay their lickspittles to write lies about the people they hate – got a serious attack of the vapours over Labour’s leaked manifesto, filling their front pages with “Corbyn Goes Back To 1970s!” shock horror headlines. Let’s ignore for a moment the fact that researchers have shown that Britain was actually as its quantifiably happiest in 1976, when inflation was pushing 28% and everything was allegedly shit, but the gap between the richest and poorest was at its lowest ever; we should also remember what else was great about the 70s.

Bowie, Dark Side of the Moon, Punk, Tom Baker as Doctor Who, the Godfather films, Nixon getting found out, the Health and Safety at Work Act, Abba, 28 million people watching the Morecombe and Wise Christmas Special in…

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