Things can only get better

Excellent summary of politics today


Theresa May hopes to win the General Election by remaining invisible to the average voter, cannibalising the UKIP vote and presenting the election as a plebiscite on her competence to handle the Brexit negotiations.

Public opinion, which the Tories assiduously monitor, is already settled on Britain leaving the EU. The Tory tactic is to deflect or delay discussion about policies in the sure knowledge that compared to Labour’s menu of popular measures the Conservative offering is pretty mean. In fact, her most attractive policy – an energy price cap – is stolen from Ed Miliband and directly flouts the neo-liberal economic regime her party promotes.

The paradox is that the real Theresa May, as evidenced by her role in the Remain campaign, is in favour of Britain retaining as much of its membership of the single market as possible. To this end – discounting the posturing around a hard or…

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