MP’s letter on “unrefuted allegation”: £5m HSBC cash ‘laundered’ to Tories

Conservative Party and Banksters are Above the Law????


toryelectionfraudWill more Tories face prosecution because of #ToryDirtyMoney?

The #ToryDirtyMoney hashtag has been trending over the last few days, with a series of graphics and allegations about the involvement of HSBC and other individuals and organisations in improper funding of the Tory party.

It all sounds damning – but also highly complicated, even byzantine. Here’s an example of one of the graphics in circulation showing how the allegations are said to link together:

torydirtymoney.pngSomething so complex is not going to draw the attention it deserves – or the public outrage it deserves if the allegations are proven.

But a remarkable letter sent just yesterday by Scottish MP Roger Mullins to the Electoral Commission’s Chief Executive of Party and Election Finance makes a part of the matter unmistakably clear and comprehensible:

mullins hsbc.jpgMullins’ letter is crystal clear: at HSBC’s AGM last week, shareholders alleged that the bank had loaned a huge sum…

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