Rich man confirms reason he doesn’t use food banks is because he is not skint

Sadly, Tory voters will believe that Foodbank users are in some way to blame, and simultaneously believe the Conservative Govt is in no way to blame. Austerity is a good boot to use against the idle


A wealthy banker on a six-figure salary has confirmed that the reason he does not use food banks is because he does not need to.


After Prime Minister Theresa May said there were “many complex reasons” why nurses used food banks, Ray Doyle explained there was nothing at all complex about his reasons for going to expensive restaurants instead.

Mr Doyle said: “There may well be many and various reasons nurses go to food banks but there is only one I do not: I am fucking loaded.

“I would no more go to a food bank than Theresa May would, being even more fucking loaded.”

Nurse Will Bodie said: “I suppose you could argue conversely that the reason I do go to food banks is because I am not fucking loaded, but no, it’s obviously much more complicated than that.

“I’m probably a gambler or compulsive spender or something.


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