Ireland: British ruling class pays scant attention to the North

Yes a public housing programme✔️
Workers’ rights✔️
A Real living wage✔️
Real care for the elderly✔️
Secular education✔️


Two months after an Assembly election, the North’s electorate is being asked to return to the polls in June. This time, though, the people of the Six Counties will have little say in the outcome or the policies made afterwards. Tommy McKearney reports in the May 2017 issue of Socialist Voice published in Dublin by the Communist Party of Ireland

Theresa May’s decision to call a general election was a purely cynical action, not designed to secure certainty over Brexit negotiations but an attempt to take advantage of a weakened Labour Party and thus extend her time in Downing Street.

Since taking office ten months ago May repeatedly denied having any intention of calling an early general election. She has not only performed a barefaced U-turn but has also made nonsense of the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act (2011). Although opinion polls are forecasting a comfortable victory for the Conservative Party, the…

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