May’s bizarre #FacTorygate – she just daren’t face the workers #GE17

Extreme Capitalism has its downside
May would be heckled
The Machine knows this to be true


Theresa May appears to have set a new record since she began what passes for her General Election campaign: the most empty factories visited by a party leader.

Mrs May has appeared in a bizarre string of photo opportunities – in factories where nobody else but the management appears to be around. Like this one:

On the rare occasions any employees are allowed anywhere near, they are strictly gagged by management:


Or, if her image team decide there really have to be some – yuk – people in the frame, she waits until the employees are safely out of the way and then drags a few ‘party faithful’ in:


The contrast with Jeremy Corbyn’s ease among the actual public grows starker every day – yet May asks us to believe she’s the ‘strong and stable’ one fit to negotiate with hard-nosed EU leaders and their teams.

The SKWAWKBOX is provided…

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