Kept off the streets by Bristol City Council and the Salvation Army

Come on guys
This could be anyone
Anyone of us
This could be you

It could be you

Next time you hear about the Salvation Army and think about religion, marching bands and small bags and envelopes through your door, spare a thought for what they actually do. As some followers of this blog will be aware, I have had a torrid time over the last couple of years and this has had an awful effect on my mental health. It recently reached the point where my partner reached the point where she couldn’t cope with it any longer and gave me the ultimatum. “Sort yourself out, get a job or get out!” I won’t criticise her too heavily for her decision. The strain that my condition has put on our relationship has been unbearable for us both and neither of us seemed truly happy.

With no money, quite the inverse in the form of a maxed out overdraft because I’ve still been paying the bills while not…

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