Tale of 2 cities: May’s tiny, long-faced Bolton ‘crowd’ – Corbyn mobbed in Croydon

Great article
May is disliked
Corbyn is liked
Media have to spin the tale


corbyn croydonJeremy Corbyn – out and about, mobbed for selfies and autographs

The BBC featured an electioneering speech from Theresa May today – in Bolton. As they did with Cameron in 2015, the camera angles were kept tight on May and a few stalwarts around her to give the impression of a crowd. Except that at the end, you could tell there were barely enough hands clapping to fill a clock face.

It was Bolton, after all. A less flattering shot showed she had hardly anyone there and the few lost souls who’d wandered in thinking it’s normally bingo on a Wednesday looked like they’d just been told they had a terminal illness. The placards they were holding up bore the, er, snappy slogan “Strong and stable leadership in the national interest”.

Trips off the tongue, eh? About as staid, pompous and self-important as May herself.

So the SKWAWKBOX thought we’d…

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