May/Farron compromised on Brexit, Corbyn isn’t. He’s free to use Lab’s policy strength

Unity and a Brexit that doesn’t mean people will lose jobs, rights or security. A Brexit for the 100%.


Theresa May’s announcement this morning attempted to cast the newly-called General Election as all about Brexit – and it’s driven by her fear of the consequences in a 2020 General Election of her party’s chaos and incompetence over negotiations to leave the EU.

This has driven her to the extraordinary step of spending two months under a ticking, 24-month Brexit clock, fighting a domestic election instead of focusing on the task of securing a decent deal for the UK’s EU exit – not the actions of someone thinking straight and without an edge of panic.

But this is not May’s only issue with Brexit. She was a ‘remain’ campaigner who, if rumours are correct, is desperately trying to have pictures of her campaigning to stay in the EU removed from the internet and social media. Pictures like this one:

may brexit

May is not the only party leader whose Brexit position is…

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