Unite Scottish Sec Rafferty issues searing Coyne put-down

Coyne was attacking Unite members in Ireland for campaigning against water charges?
Surely, everyone is AGAINST this?


pat raffertyPat Rafferty

The story develops apace following Coyne’s admission this morning that he has been using Labour Party data – in clear contravention of the Data Protection Act (DPA). Unite’s Scottish Secretary, Pat Rafferty, has just issued the following statement:

If all you have to offer is smears and slurs, then you have nothing to offer working people.

Gerard Coyne doesn’t seem to get Unite in Scotland. To be fair, it is reciprocated. Every time he sets foot in our country he has a knack of saying the wrong thing – and not usually to our members, preferring the company of sections of the hostile media to actually meeting the men and women of Unite.

Astonishingly, his latest journey across the border has seen him trash the union he seeks to lead. He peddles slurs, deliberately and methodically, without a care for the effect this has on the morale…

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