Poor Progress’ Richard Angell struggles to keep up – or to show any class

Another Bitteriiite low-baller


Poor Richard Angell of Progress struggles to keep up, sometimes, bless him.

angell cropped.pngRichard Angell

After Labour members yesterday condemned in great numbers the contemptible attempt by various narcissist Labour MPs to bully Shadow Justice Secretary Richard Burgon for a perfectly innocuous tweet about an encounter with a couple of his constituents in a supermarket, most people knew well enough that it would be a significant faux pas to join in even if they’re so foolish as to hate the estimable Mr Burgon.

Not the inaptly-named Mr Angell.

This morning, he decided it would be a good idea to jump in with his own attempt at ‘humour’, with an attempted put-down of Richard B – for being related to someone.

angell burgon.pngRichard Burgon’s uncle Colin is a former MP. Apparently he opened Seacroft Tesco. With Tony Blair. If you’re yawning yet and thinking ‘so what?’, we sympathise entirely. This is what passes…

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