New Statesman’s ‘fake news’ on #PMQs/#Brexit/#A50 signals liberal switch

New Statesman? Desperate for headlines
Their principles in tatters

They’ve put two fingers up, to us on the Left


Sometimes you just despair, especially when as a ‘citizen journalist’ you try to emphasise the actual ‘journalist’ bit, with some objectivity if not impartiality, combined with a reasonable grasp of facts and context.

The New Statesman (NS) is a nominally Labour-supporting publication, but it seems largely to define ‘Labour’ with ‘New’ in front of it. It has rarely been a friend to the new leadership and its supporters and has often seemed to take the most negative angle on any action, statement or strategy by Jeremy Corbyn and his team.

But today plumbed a new low, with an article published after today’s PMQs (Prime Minister’s Questions) and the subsequent Brexit/Article 50 announcement by Theresa May and the discussion that followed it:

anoosh brexit.pngThe problem is that PMQs was not the place for a Brexit discussion today. When PMQs finished, May gave her formal statement on the triggering of Article 50…

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