So, it appears we’ve rattled Progress…

Thorough. Professional. Sqwawkbox.
Progress? Reactive. Petulant.


Thanks to several readers/Twitter followers for pointing the SKWAWKBOX to an article by the director of the right-wing Progress faction of the Labour party, which is almost too much fun for words.

Progress publishes a ‘Last Word’ piece every Friday, apparently – and this week it was written by Angell himself. One gets the impression that he was a little rattled:

brietbart.pngSkawkbox‘? We know the spelling of this blog is (deliberately) unconventional, but it’s not that hard to get right.

Brietbart‘?! ‘local party’s‘; ‘motions of not confidence‘?! ‘Country council‘?!

Still, just this week this blog has exposed secret, undemocratic emails by a Progress MP, a whole series of nonsense by Progress’ preferred candidate for the Unite General Secretary position including an alleged DPA breach, the hypocrisy of Progress and the humiliation of…

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