@gerard_coyne: has there BEEN a Jewish Unite exodus or are you just THAT desperate?

Coyne has NO intention of being honest or fair. He is desperate to win at all costs


Gerard Coyne’s campaign for Unite General Secretary has already plumbed such depths of contemptibility that he earned an unprecedented rebuke from the union for making false claims that damage it.

The decision by almost 1,200 Unite branches to support McCluskey’s nomination, compared to only 187 for Coyne, must be pushing the latter to desperate measures. Such as the interview published today in the Jewish Chronicle:

coyne jc.pngCoyne chose to manufacture an imagined exodus of Jews that has driven senior Unite officials to distraction at its distance from reality, in order to issue a ‘call’ to Jews to ‘re-join’ a union there’s been no departure from:

coyne jc rejoinWorse still, Coyne chose to smear members of his own union – and the Labour Party – by reasserting antisemitism smears in a frankly disgusting way:

Responding to last week’s JC investigation which revealed how three Unite representatives on Labour’s NEC had been behind a decision…

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