THIRTY #ToryUturns Corbyn’s Labour has forced from the Tories

Corbyn’s to blame


The ridiculous ‘open goal’ nonsense spouted by the Tory/Blairite media and Establishment after Corbyn’s latest policy and PMQs victory today was merely the most recent and risible in ‘Operation Ineffective Opposition’ – the attempt to ‘Big Lie’ the public into believing that Corbyn is weak in spite of clear, daily evidence to the contrary.

tory u-turnThe right control the mainstream media, but information is power and it’s up to us to get it out there to counteract the Big Lie.

Corbyn’s supposedly-ineffective opposition has forced dozens of u-turns from the Tories in the 18 months since he became Labour leader – revitalising an Opposition that had seemed hopelessly compromised and had capitulated to the government on even the most hideous policies, such as cuts and caps to benefits relied on by the most vulnerable and the working poor.

Below is a far from exhaustive list of thirty u-turns that Corbyn’s Labour…

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1 thought on “THIRTY #ToryUturns Corbyn’s Labour has forced from the Tories

  1. And we will leave the EU? By a country mile the biggest issue of my 71 years on this planet. Fools all.

    (ALL FOOLED. Sid)

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