‘Missed #opengoal’? Corbyn scores then dances on corpse of May’s #PMQs credibility

Mass Deception by our Non Dom Media Barons


If you needed any further proof that there is media collusion to try to deflect attention from the increasingly shambolic performance shambolic performance of Theresa May and her ‘government’, you got it today.

lie we madeLabour has forced a historic and humiliating U-turn on the Tories, who have cancelled their planned increase to National Insurance for self-employed people only a week after announcing it. Here’s how one Twitter wag portrayed them:

tory u-turnMay’s attempt to pretend they’d kept their promises not to raise tax and they’d meant it were so embarrassing that she squirmed – to the contemptuous hilarity of the Opposition. It was painful to watch:

By contrast, Corbyn’s questioning was calm, pointed and understated in a way that only underlined May’s catastrophe:

May owes the people an apology for her government’s ‘chaosi, will she give one? May turns a blind eye to the ‘gross injustice‘ of ‘unscrupulous‘ corporations avoiding…

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